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“I had to see it to believe it.”

Ky whipped around at the sound of the gruff voice, the setting sun casting a halo of light around him and throwing his shadow, long and stretched, to the feet of harsh man before him. He hadn’t seen Sol in years, and now he was casually waltzing into his own home, posture as slouched and uncaring as it had ever been. Against his wishes, he felt himself stiffening in anger, but he tried to keep his tone collected.

“Sol? What are you doing here?” To his relief, the words came out easy, but the smirk on his rival’s face only grew. He took a step backwards as the brunet approached the railing.

“Heard you were playing princess.” That earned a sneer from Ky. “Wanted to see if it was true.”

The blond rolled his eyes – of course that would be the only explanation he’d receive. Sometimes he wondered why he ever bothered trying to engage the man in conversation. But there would always be those rare times when it seemed that Sol finally tired of treated him like a child, or putting on airs, or whatever it was he was constantly doing; those times when it felt like Sol could actually think of him as an equal. They were almost worth the irritation. Almost.

Ky gave a one-shouldered shrug in response, turning back towards the orange-stained landscape he had been admiring before. Well, less admiring and more absent-mindedly staring towards as he contemplated the mess he’d landed himself in. He sighed.

“This country needed someone to lead it.” The answer was short, and the tone somewhat implied an unsaid I don’t have to explain myself to you. Sol snorted.

“Sure, kid, you’re just the one to do it.” The larger man was facing the same way as Ky now, shaking his head as he regarded the idyllic countryside around them. It really was so like the boy scout, playing retrospective from his tower above the common peoples. “And here I was thinkin’ you would outgrow the whole Messiah complex thing.”

Excuse me?” Sol could already taste metal in his mouth, the tang of ozone sharp on the air. It was still so easy to get under his skin. Ky dug his fingers into the stone of the railing, small sparks dancing across the tops of his knuckles.

“Still convinced you have to save the world, huh?” He moved closer to the young man, smirking at the tension radiating off his commander-turned-king. “Still wearing-” he reached out and casually flicked the bone white collar of Ky’s coat “-the holy uniform.”

The word – holy – came out harsh from his lips, spat out like a poison. Ky had never held any fancies concerning Sol’s dedication to the Order, though he couldn’t fathom why religion in general seemed to rub the man raw the way it did. He batted the tanned hand away, resisting the urge to let go of the little restraint he had left.

Sol had always seemed convinced that he had seen and heard it all before. He walked into a room or battlefield acting like he knew what was going on, and that the knowledge of others had no value or place in his life. And the most infuriating part was that he was right an unnerving percentage of the time.

“You think you know everything, Sol,” the blond answered tersely, finally tearing his gaze away to look his companion in the eye. “This isn’t about the world.”

“Tch.” The wind stepped up, sending the trees chattering and swaying. A shiver ran down Ky, the movement so minute it barely registered. Temperature had never had much of an effect on Sol. Ky shook his head.

“Of course, I wouldn’t expect someone like you to understand.”

“What’s there to understand?” Sol turned towards the blond again, stalking towards him like a lazy predator secure in its meal. “Keep hold of your glory days while you’re still young enough to grasp ‘em, right?”

Ky didn’t back away from the intrusion to his personal space, but he found his hand twitching towards his sword. After all they’d been through, and Sol still had such a low opinion of him. And recognizing that he even cared what the bounty hunter thought of him just pissed him off even more. Still, what could he say to defend himself? Even he didn’t believe in his actions anymore.

His twitchy trigger finger didn’t go unnoticed by Sol, who only leaned in closer, smirking and palming the hilt of Fuuenken. Truth be told, he was itching for a fight after the frustrations of the past few weeks. If Ky was inclined to comply, well, he wasn’t going to look a gift horse in the mouth.

And he wasn’t against tipping the odds in his favor, either.

“Or maybe the only things you can pull off anymore are self-righteousness and self-martyrdom. Well at least you know your strengths-” His taunting was cut short by a sudden spear of lightning punching him right in the gut. The force of it pushed him back a few inches, and in the meantime Ky had jumped backwards from, Fuuraiken singing as it was drawn forth from its sheath. Damn, when had the kid gotten so good at making sparks with his hands?

“Did you come here just to mock me, Sol!” The blond snapped the words out, any cordial niceties left behind. The only answer he received was a derisive chuckle, and a flash of heat as Fuuenken answered its master’s call. He threw out another Stun Edge and chased after it, slashing low in hopeful anticipation of Sol’s dodge.

His blade cut through nothingness, and he felt a rush of hot air blast just over his head. Before he could maneuver Fuuraiken into a blocking position, he got to experience the unpleasant sensation of Sol’s boot making solid contact with his shoulder, knocking him back and sending him sprawling to the ground. He rolled to the side just in time to avoid a fist to the face. Bits of marble rained over him, and flames licked at his arm.

As Ky scrambled to a crouching position, he swung the holy relic in a wide arc over his head, grinning as he heard the rough grunt he’d forced out of his sparring partner. Standing, he was rewarded with the sight of Sol once again having to shake off the effects of his lightning magic. His satisfaction was cut short as the bounty hunter recovered faster than he’d been expecting. He had a moment to gasp as the front of his uniform was seized, and oh how he dreaded what was coming next.

Sol seemed to take great joy in proving just how hard headed he was, as he yanked the younger man close and bashed their foreheads together. It jarred his brain a little, but judging by the way Ky stumbled backwards with his free hand clutched to his head, he’d gotten the lighter end of the load. If the kid was so eager to unleash magic on him, he’d at least have to return the favor. While Ky was still recovering, he sent a Gun Flame his way, grinning at the soot stains left on the white marble floor in its wake.

He took his time casually walking towards his opponent, grin fading as the flames slowly died out and the smoke cleared. The kid had managed to gather himself together enough to block at least some of the damage, though judging by the small plumes rolling off his clothes, he hadn’t been entirely successful. Seeing Ky was recovering, Sol ducked his head, suddenly charging at the young king.

Ky was able to reposition his sword absorb the brunt of the Volcanic Viper, but the force of the massive blow still knocked him into the air. He could smell cloth and hair burning, and had to shield his eyes at least partially from the flames surging around them. Using Sol’s body as makeshift ground, he kicked off of the older man midair to try and put some distance between them. He sent another Stun Edge towards Sol as they both fell back to the terrain.

He was beginning to feel like a one-trick pony, and pushed onto the defense like this he was slowly losing this fight. The worst part was, there was no way Sol didn’t recognize this as well. Gritting his teeth, he focused his magic into the tips of his fingers and formed a Stun Raising, the lightning cross glowing and flickering midair in front of him.

Sol, for his part, was getting damned sick of getting electrocuted. He’d nearly forgotten how annoying fighting the kid could be - he’d be twitching for days after this little bout. And apparently Ky wasn’t just sitting on his royal ass, if the force behind those blows was anything to judge by. If he’d been in a more generous mood, he might have even said the boy was improving.

It’d taken him long enough.

The fluctuating cobalt cross caught his attention, and Sol eyed it cautiously. This, at least, was a new one. Getting close to it was probably a bad idea, but he doubted Ky was going to use it as a shield, cowering behind it for the rest of the fight. Ky immediately releasing a Sacred Edge pretty much confirmed his suspicions. However, when the familiar projectile hit that cross, it set off a brilliant flash of light.
While previously he could have dodged the spear, the symbol seemed to have supercharged the projectile, elongating it and increasing its speed. It hit him full force, rocketing him off his feet. His back slammed into the far wall, and he could feel the stone cracking beneath his weight. Sol dropped back down to the ground, crouching for a moment before standing and bringing his weapon up in a one-armed block. It was just in time to catch Ky’s blade as it swung down in a Greed Sever.

Grunting, he heaved his blade towards the blond, forcing his opponent backwards. Ky seemed agreeable to the notion, hopping back to put more space between them. The kid was as nimble and sure-footed as ever, and when it seemed he judged the distance separating them sufficient, he slunk into his typical fighting stance. Sol slowly straightened, shaking bits of mortar from his unkempt mane. He flexed his grip on Fuuenken, fingers still lightly tingling from the lightning that’d just been coursing through them.

Ky smirked as he saw the gesture – sometime from the end of their ‘conversation’ to the present moment, he’d begun to enjoy himself. Fighting had always been a freeing experience for Ky, and Sol had always been the best challenger he’d ever faced. Frustrating as it was to constantly feel inferior, it gave him a goal to strive for. And like it or not, Sol was the only person (he liked) that he wasn’t afraid to go full-out on. He certainly wasn’t trying to kill the man, but he wasn’t about to let himself lose.

Deciding he’d given the older man enough time to collect himself, Ky launched himself forward again. He kept his magic in check, raining a flurry of strikes down on the bounty hunter. A few sparks still leapt off the edge of Fuuraiken, most of them only briefly zigzagging through the air before sputtering out. Sol was easily up to the task of keeping any of the slashes from hitting their mark, but the sheer ceaseless quantity of the attacks severely limited any counterattack he could launch.

Lightning magic was rare, had been even back in Frederick’s day, when there was still a world population worth mentioning. He was more familiar with it than most – thanks in part to his work as a scientist and on the Jinki and, in later years, in part to bouts with Ky. It could pack a punch, that’s for damn sure, but like a storm broiling on the horizon, it took its time to thunder and build. Ky had used his show-stopper; depending on how much energy he had left, Sol either had a brief window in which to disarm him, or a brief wait for the kid to collapse into a heap. The latter hadn’t been an uncommon occurrence during the Crusades.

The kid wasn’t showing any signs of stopping. Sol cursed under his breath. Every clash of their blades sent a reverberation through his arm, and he could feel the telltale tingling of the small currents of electricity that were flickering down around him. If he let this go on much longer, he wouldn’t even be able to hold on to his weapon. His right foot slid backwards, giving the impression that Ky was gaining ground. A smirk on the younger man’s face proved that this hadn’t movement hadn’t gone unnoticed.

Sol couldn’t wait to grind his face into the dirt. He’d slowly adjusted to the incessant attacks, finding the rhythm in his opponent’s movements. The boy could surprise with new moves and sudden improvises – Sol definitely remembered the day he’d debuted his Stun Edge – but at the base of his fighting style was a fluid grace, not much different from a dance. All Sol had to do was find that beat and cut in.

His chance finally came, the pause in the blows like a heart’s skipped beat as Ky pulled his blade back to strike once more. Instead of letting Fuuenken take the flood passively, the bounty hunter suddenly jerked his weapon to an angle, just as Fuuraiken was making contact again. The change caught Ky off guard, his movements slowing in reaction. It gave Sol just enough time to lean most of his weight on his back leg and tearing his sword in a wrenching motion designed to disarm.

Ky knew he had made a mistake: the moment the angle of Fuuenken changed, he knew it. It seemed like he had forgotten just how strong the older man was, and the single motion with all that muscle behind it was enough to rip Fuuraiken out of his hand. He’d overestimated himself, or underestimated Sol – either way, he was throwing his fight. The only way he could see to get out on top was to level the playing field.

While the white sword was still arcing through the air, Ky ducked towards his opponent, slipping past Sol’s guard and, frankly, into his personal space. The gear hunter looked startled at the invasion, having expected the blond to engage in his more typical tactic of leaping away. Running mostly on instinct, the young king took advantage of Sol’s momentary lapse, placing his hand on the larger tanned one still holding onto the Fireseal.

They made eye contact just as Ky released a surge of concentrated electricity down through his hand and fingertips, sending it racing into Sol’s dominant hand. The larger man let out a curse at the shock, his muscles going just limp enough for Ky to force Fuuenken out of his hand. Growling, Sol lifted his free hand to the front of Ky’s kingly trappings.

“You little shit,” he ground out, baring his teeth almost unconsciously. Ky, evidently not welcoming a repeat performance of the head butt he’d experienced earlier, swiftly brought his knee up in a solid connection with Sol’s stomach. It felt like kicking a wall. The brunet was winded, but he seemed to have unnatural levels of tolerance for physical punishment.

He jerked his hand out of Ky’s hold, cocking back and punching the kid right in the face. Ky had enough time to pull his own arms up in a semblance of a block before the second blow came crashing down on him. The bounty hunter was strong, and Ky could only count himself lucky that there weren’t flames licking off the knuckles of the other man’s hand. Still, the fist made solid contact with his forearm, and if he wasn’t so intimately familiar with the feeling of broken bones he would have sworn his arm was shattered.

They were still tied together by the death grip Sol had on Ky’s outer jacket, severely limiting any maneuvering either of them could have done. If he was going to let it come down to a pure contest of physical strength, Ky knew he stood no chance of winning. Sol was pulling his paw back once more, apparently content to beat the blond to a pulp with his bare hands. Ky dropped, throwing his weight towards the ground to try and break the hold Sol had on him.

The unexpected burden on his arm did force him to bend, allowing the kid to reach the floor. Not giving him time to adjust himself, the lightning user struck out with a sweeping kick, electricity sparking off his boot to give some bite to the blow. It was enough to unbalance Sol completely, sending him toppling heavily to the ground. He was determined to take Ky with him, however, yanking on the man and using his momentum to throw the blond to the floor.

Their limbs ended up tangling together, and for a moment they were both satisfied grappling like children, grunting and throwing out awkward punches and elbows as they rolled around on the floor. Ky briefly pictured the scene they must make, wrestling on the broken floor in the light of a setting sun. If he was lucky, any servant that had chanced to be near had already been scared off.

Sol finally pinned the squirming blond to the marble, bashing the young man’s head against the white – well, previously white – flooring. It was enough to daze him, if not incapacitate him, and Sol inwardly preened. Much as he may feign disinterest, there was always a competitive part of him that took pleasure in swatting the brat off his high horse.

Not to mention, now that the adrenaline of the fight was starting to wear off, a different kind of excitement was starting to course through his veins. He took in the sight of the man before him, face flushed and eyes slow to focus. Disheveling Ky had always been a second favorite hobby of his, pressing him until his mask of polite decorum and restraint cracked. Sol leaned in towards the blond.

“Yield?” He always gave the kid the ‘choice’ to concede, though more often than not Ky took the route that involved getting knocked senseless.

Blue eyes narrowed at the familiar phrase, and Ky finally focused fully on the bounty hunter currently straddling his hips. He could feel his pulse raising, blood rushing in his ears. It was as if the past years had been nothing more than minutes, and he was still in the Order, being bested by an insufferable bastard that had come out of nowhere. All the conflicted feelings he’d ever harbored were simmering right below the surface again, seeming distilled rather than dulled by time and distance.

Yield. A shudder ran through him. There had always been something teasing the line between aggression and desire when it came to the two of them. If love and hate were two sides of the same coin, so too must be violence and want. In each, the two seemed to straddle the fences, attracting and rejecting one another in equal quantities.

Ky brought a hand up, tangling his fingers in Sol’s unkempt mane. He pulled the brunet towards him, closing the distance between them and forcing their lips to meet. Sol was caught off guard but quick to respond, nipping at the blond’s lower lip before deepening the kiss. Their tongues met, intertwining. Ky moaned, Sol swallowing the sound as he pressed the younger man firmly into the ground.

Nothing about either of them was tentative or soft. When Sol broke their kiss and pulled back, Ky followed him, moving to his neck and the junction of his jawline, peppering it with kisses and soft bites. Sol growled low in his throat as the blond rolled his hips into his own, and it felt like all the blood in his body surged southward. He pushed the blond back down, hands immediately going to clasps and belts that held the Order uniform in place.

Ky seemed just as eager to the see the other man undressed, his hand trailing up Sol’s sides before focusing on the black belt across his chest. Not for the first time Ky thought about just how ridiculous that damn half coat was, his fingers shaking slightly as he undid the belt and shucked the thing off. His touch lingered along the sculpted shoulders and arms of his oft-times opponent. He stopped for a moment to struggle out of his own coat, pulling his gloves off at the same time for good measure.

The more of Ky’s skin that was exposed, the more it drove Sol crazy. He sat up straight, pulling his tight black undershirt off in one fluid movement. Ky leapt at the opportunity, hands immediately running up and down the brunet’s back. Everywhere he touched seemed to light a fire in Sol, and he could feel tiny amounts of magic concentrated in the younger man’s finger tips. The small nip and sizzle of lightning were just shy of over-stimulating, sending waves of pleasure crashing through his system.

The brunet let out a shaky breath, quite certain that this was the hardest he’d been in his life. Sol captured Ky’s lips again, pushing their bodies together, moaning when the blond bucked his hips upwards once more. He slanted his own towards the younger man. He was rewarded with a full body shiver from the blond, and the tips of his fingers digging into the bounty hunter’s shoulders.

It was Ky who peeled them apart the second time, his face flushed and breath coming fast and heavy. Sol thrust their hips together and Ky let out a breathless moan, his hands grabbing Sol’s ass to try and hold them together longer and harde. He quickly moved around to the front, fingers sketching the outline of Sol’s cock before fumbling with the brunet’s belt. Sol meanwhile was invested in biting and sucking the sensitive skin of Ky’s neck, groaning against that pale skin at the younger man’s feather light touches.

An unstable oh fuck escaped his lips as Ky finally released Sol’s erection from his pants, the blond immediately wrapping his lithe fingers around his cock. Those miniscule tendrils of magic were back in his fingertips, setting every nerve in Sol’s body on fire. The blond threaded his free hand in Sol’s hair, dragging the bounty hunter in for another kiss. When Sol could remember how to breathe again, he pulled back and set on getting Ky’s pants off.

The blond seemed like he was on the edge already, tossing his head back and arching his spine as his own cock was finally freed. Sol ducked his head, nipping at the other side of Ky’s neck and thrusting their hips together. He felt the blond’s grip – both grips – tighten in response, and soon they were both moaning, rutting against each other like needy teenagers. Every inch of their bodies were plastered together, Sol using one hand to jerk Ky off and maneuvering the other to grab the blond’s ass.

They fell into a frantic rhythm, legs tangled and cocks rubbing together. Ky’s hand had moved to the back of Sol’s neck, tugging the larger man towards him. He was panting pleas of yes and oh god, more in the brunet’s ear. Every place their skin touched was like a jolt of electricity. His whole body went stiff as orgasm finally ripped through him.

“Sol, God.”

The man in question was still moving his hand, milking the blond dry. He was almost reduced to a complete quivering mess, overstimulated nerves giving him pleasure that was nearly painful. Sol’s muscles were tightening, and before long he too was cumming, groaning out Ky’s name followed by what sounded like a string of inventive vulgarities.

Sol leaned onto his side after a moment, not exactly interested in gluing their bodies together. Propping himself up with his free hand, he regarded Ky. One of the best parts of sex with the blond – besides the act itself – was this, what was dubbed in his mind Afterglow Ky. The man was relaxed for once, and blessedly quiet. He was still trying to normalize his breathing, and as he slowly opened his blue eyes he smiled wryly at Sol.

They were both content to lie on the cool marble, only gradually remembering that there was a world that existed outside of each other. Part of Ky was fighting to feel mortified – he’d just gotten off on his own balcony, after being beaten by his longtime rival. He absentmindedly wiped his hand off on his shirt, rationalizing that this outfit was ruined anyway. Sol apparently took the action as an invitation to clean his own hand on Ky’s jacket. Ky rolled his eyes.

“You truly have no respect for the Order, do you?” Sol didn’t bother to reply, merely raised an eyebrow. Ky felt vaguely hypocritical, and let the matter drop. Mostly, he felt at ease. He turned onto his side to face Sol, taking the opportunity to observe the man he hadn’t seen in so many years.

Studying the bounty hunter, it was easy to believe the delusion that time had stopped for him. Sol looked the same as he had the day they’d fought in Paris, the same as he had the day he walked off with Fuuenken, the same as he had the day he stomped into Ky’s barracks for the first time, a piece of rock the size of a man slung over his shoulder. If there was any difference at all, it was that time had cooled the hard and crazed look in his eyes, though it still came out when they fought.

Or maybe it was just Ky who had changed. The past few years had been lessons in frustration and humility. Even being championed as the savior of a ruined world hadn’t left him feeling as caged and tied down as being a king did. Perhaps his perspective was shifted, and he was just viewing Sol through new eyes. And perhaps Sol was viewing him in a new way now, as well.

Sol rolled onto his back, grunting quietly as he tucked himself back into his pants. Even being gifted with fire magic wasn’t enough to keep the growing chill of the spring night from setting in. Ky seemed to break out of his own trance, blushing as he hurried to made himself appropriate. The bounty hunter ambled to his feet and reached into his pocket, pulling out a relatively crushed packet of cigarettes.

The sun was barely a sliver in the sky now, a red slip pressed tightly against the horizon and peeking fitfully through the trees. Most of the light now spilled from the balcony doors – still splayed wide – and the elegant windows periodically dotting the stone walls behind them. Sol leaned his arms on the railing again, tapping the top of the crumpled cigarette pack against the back of one hand. Deft fingers fished out one of the slender white cylinders. The first one to come out was just as damaged as its container, oddly crinkled and nearly broken in half. He glowered at it, and flicked it off the edge of the balcony before focusing on retrieving another.

A self-righteous sound of indignation came from the blond. Ky had gotten up and was now moving to stand next to him again, his gaze focused disapprovingly at the ground far below them - as if he could somehow see the offending cancer stick nestled in the dark grass. Sol lit up an intact one, the vermillion tip glowing as he took in a deep breath. He was almost expecting some sort of tirade to be launched his way but the kid merely stalked up and brushed the stray ashes and tobacco off the balustrade.

Sometime during their tryst, Ky’s hair had fallen down, creating a flaxen curtain that he mostly seemed to ignore. The hairstyle was such a departure from his days as a commander that, by all rights, he should have looked ridiculous. It almost annoyed Sol that he didn’t. As some small form of retaliation, he flicked the soot of his cigarette in front of the younger man.

Ky sighed. Even after all these years, Sol was just as inscrutable as ever. He flexed his fingers. There was no point in muddling over the bounty hunter’s actions now; the man would get around to telling Ky why he was here on his own time. Prodding would only result in another brawl, and more of the property getting destroyed.

“Come inside.” He turned on his heel and strode inside, going almost on autopilot to traverse the many corridors of the palace. A few choice phrases followed after him from the balcony before he heard the familiar stamp of his rival’s heavy step trailing behind him.

It was obvious that this castle was a new creation, rather than a reclaimed behemoth from the earlier years of civilization. The vaulted ceilings and intricate decorative carvings all evoked feelings of timelessness, but the quality and condition of the manor were too high to be remnants of the old world. Sol almost felt nostalgic for something a little grimier; this palace was pristine and perfect, something that had no right existing in this world. It felt like the wool wrapped around the proverbial fool’s eyes.

Their steps echoed through the empty halls. Sol figured it made sense – most people probably didn’t want to tangle with a person willing to walk in and attack a king – but the barrenness made the place feel even more manufactured. It was a bit of a challenge to reconcile the castle with its current owner. The kid certainly looked the part, with those classic, striking features that’d had him turning heads even in the middle of an unholy war. But the personality didn’t match. The Ky he knew wouldn’t have been caught dead living in a place like this.

Or being a king for that matter. He’d perhaps been unfairly harsh earlier, picking an easy fight with the man. Much as Ky could be prideful and preachy, there was no denying his compassion for people. In Sol’s experience, that personality trait wasn’t valued highly in bureaucracy. The blond had never had much but disdain for the armchair generals of the Crusades - those politicians who never left their fortified cities - so joining their ranks willingly seemed uncharacteristic to say the least.

He was knocked out of his reveries by Ky suddenly stopping and opening one of the lavish doors. Sol was grateful for the interruption of his own thoughts. The blond was eyeing him rather critically, but gestured for Sol to enter the room first. He was rather surprised at its contents as the lights flickered on.

“A bathroom?” Truth be told, calling the room that was doing it a disservice. It was as opulent as its parent structure, the majority of its volume dedicated to hosting a huge bathtub. Another quadrant was sectioned off to hold an only slightly smaller showering area.

“Yes. A bathroom.” Ky had to fight the urge to roll his eyes again. “I’m sure you could use a shower-” Sol muttered something that sounded suspiciously like didn’t hear you complaining earlier. “-I know I could.”

The blond removed his shirt, sparing a contrite look at the stain now on it. Sol belated remembered that he’d left nearly half of his clothes outside on the balcony. However, there were more important things to contemplate now, such as the man currently getting naked in front of him. Ky was already working on doing away with his pants, and after taking a moment to appreciate the clinical strip tease, Sol followed suit.

The bounty hunter wasn’t the only one appreciating the view. In the past Ky would have felt rather embarrassed at his own lack of control, reacting to nothing more than Sol messily shucking off his pants and kicking his boots to far corners of the room. There was something about the older man’s complete lack of decorum that both irritated him and captivated him. Whereas he felt like he stood on the pins and needles of courtesy around most people, Sol’s blatant disregard for social niceties actually made Ky feel more relaxed around the man.

Nevertheless, Ky wasn’t one to put physical wants over consideration; he’d offered Sol a shower, and he was going to take care of that first. Studiously ignoring the naked brunet, he opened the glass doors containing the large showering area. Sol followed close behind, swinging the doors shut again as the jets sprayed into life around them.

The wonders of Black Tech and magic working together: the water came out hot, the temperature preset to Ky’s preference. The blond sighed, titling his head back and allowing the water to cascade over him. He opened his eyes as Sol stepped closer and wrapped his arms around the larger man. It was a comfort to feel the deep, even breaths of his companion. He reached a hand up and pulled the bounty hunter’s hair free, dropping the tie to the floor. His gaze settled on the metal headband that was Sol’s constant companion, and tapped it with one finger.

“You can you remove that, if you like.” Sol snatched Ky’s hand by the wrist, pulling it away from the suppression device. He slid his other arm around the younger man, his hand resting at the small of Ky’s back and pulling the blond to him. “It’s not as though I haven’t seen what’s under there.”

And boy, what a reveal that had been. If their fights had been ugly before, that event had magnified them by tenfold. Ky had stayed pissed about it for a while, nursing his grudge like it was a fine wine. Good to see the kid had made peace with his more bestial nature, even if Sol still hadn’t.

Sol didn’t feel the need to explain himself. He threaded his fingers through the blond’s long hair, cupping the back of his head and guiding him in for another kiss. They were more languorous this time, the edge having already been taken off both their lusts and tempers. Ky looped one arm around the taller man’s neck, dragging their bodies closer still. He rolled his hips, causing their cocks to slide together and drawing moans out of both of them.

They both pulled back, breathing heavy. Sol moved down Ky’s neck, nipping at the pale skin and sucking on the same spot he’d been working on last time. He could feel the blond’s frantic pulse against his lips and tongue. The younger man tugged on Sol’s hair, leaning his head to the side to expose his neck further for the bounty hunter. Sol was firm and unyielding, built for strength rather than agility. Although Ky would probably never admit it consciously, it was somewhat thrilling to be with someone stronger than him.

He guided them slowly backwards, Sol more than happy to follow his lead in this. They stopped out of necessity when Ky’s back hit the wall. Sol’s hands dropped low, palming the blond’s ass. Another kiss, this time harsher and needier. Ky reached out blindly with one hand, searching for one of the built in shelves along the walls of the shower. One of the perks of being king, his bathing chambers were stocked like he was running a salon. Mostly, he didn’t make use of anything outside of the soaps and shampoos. His fingers found a bottle and he grabbed it, not exactly care what it was at the moment.

Sol had noticed his actions and abruptly pulled back, nuzzling against Ky’s neck before moving back and flipping the younger man around to face the wall. The blond shot him a questioning look over his shoulder. His face was flushed, though whether it was from excitement or heat was up to question. Sol smirked lazily, his hand trailing down to slowly stroke his cock.

“Prepare yourself for me.”

“What!” The blond looked mortified.

“Come on, this ain’t your first rodeo. If this-” He gestured vaguely towards his cock. “-is going in there-” Another vague wave. “…you might wanna stretch first.”

Okay, so maybe it wasn’t nice of him to tease the young man at a time like this. Ky’s habit of wearing his emotions on his face made it too tempting to mess with him. Sol took some pity on the stuttering king.

“I just wanna watch you.”

Ky sighed, swallowing around a lump in his throat. There weren’t many situations that could leave the knight speechless, but this definitely qualified. It was with a warring mixture of arousal and shame that he poured some of the conditioner onto his fingers. He reached his arm around, his back arching. Eyes falling shut, he slipped his middle finger inside his hole.

Ky let a breath out he hadn’t realized he’d been holding. It had been a long time since he’d felt this particular sensation; despite Sol’s crude manner of stating things, he might have been right. Slowly, he moved his finger in and out of his hole, trying to concentrate on the feelings and ignore the heavy gaze of his partner. He added a second finger, taking in a shaky breath as he felt his own muscles spasm around the intrusion.

Pleasure began to override any self-conscious emotions that might have still been lingering, and the blond started to fuck himself in earnest. He moaned when he hit his prostate, leaning most of his weight against the wall. His motions were interrupted by Sol grabbing hold of his hand. The bounty hunter pressed himself against Ky, growling low in his throat. He reached around and stole the makeshift bottle of lube, pouring some onto his cock.

Sol tossed the bottle and grabbed the blond’s hip in one hand, his other holding onto his cock and guiding it towards his entrance. Watching Ky had nearly been more than he could handle; his dick was throbbing, begging to be inside his lover. He lined the head of his cock up, pushing forward slightly but not enough to breach the man. Ky jerked his hips, but Sol simply tightened his grip, keeping the blond from moving.

“Sol.” It came out half a moan, half a command. The blond pressed his forehead against the wall, his hand reaching down to stroke himself.

“Ask and ye shall receive.” Ky made a frustrated groaning sound, fitfully trying to force the movement he wanted. Sol pressed against him again, but kept from entering him fully. If long life had taught him anything, it was that patience was a virtue.

“Sol, please… fuck me.” The words were accompanied with a shudder and then a long, low moan as Sol finally thrust inside him. His cock stretched him further than his fingers had, but any pain he might have experienced was mingled and blurred with pleasure.

The blond was tight, and hot, his muscles fluttering around the head of his cock. Sol pulled out slightly and then thrust in further, letting out a hiss of air threw his teeth. Inch by inch, he worked his cock deeper inside the younger man. Finally, he was enveloped in that tight heat all the way to the hilt, stilling his movements. He gripped Ky’s hips with bruising force, pulling out almost entirely before driving the full length of his cock back inside him in one fluid motion.

The brunet set up a brutal pace, slamming in and out of the lithe blond. It felt like Sol’s cock was filling him completely, leaving him empty and aching for the brief moments he pulled out. Ky was moaning almost constantly now, strings of pleas leaving his lips.

“Oh god, harder.”

Soll obliged. He removed one of his hands, reaching around to Ky’s front and taking hold of the blond’s erection. He could feel himself getting close, and if the noises Ky was making were any indication, the former knight was too. Sol shifted the angle of thrusting, searching for that one spot – a sudden spasm and gasp told him he’d found what he was aiming for.

Lights were going off behind Ky’s eyes. Every thrust from Sol was accompanied by another burst of body numbing pleasure, almost overwhelming him. He cried out every time the man slammed inside him, biting his own hand to try and muffle some of the sounds coming out. It only took a few more strokes of the man’s hand on his cock before he was cumming with a muffled moan.

Sol thrust a few more times inside him before he was cumming as well, burying his dick deep inside the younger man. He leaned his weight against the blond and the wall. Ky brought a shaky hand up, running it through the brunet’s hair. They stayed that way for a moment before Sol finally pulled out completely, feeling a little prideful at the weakness in the blond’s knees.

Ky turned around, leaning his back against the wall of the shower. He buried his fingers in Sol’s messy hair, pulling the bounty hunter close for a quick kiss. Sol wrapped his arms around the blond, kissing him again and pretending not to notice that he was steadying the younger man. He trailed one of his hands down to Ky’s entrance, slick with his cum and lube. It was obvious the blond’s nerves were still shot, as simply fingering him was enough to have him wracked with shudders and clenching spastically against him. Ky held himself against the larger man, blues eyes closed and head lowered. Sol dipped his fingers inside once more and then moved away.

Slowly, Ky’s head cleared. He stayed against the wall, watching as Sol perused the various containers on the shelf. Everything that was happening had a surreal tinge to it – earlier today, Sol had been the last thing on his mind, the brunet not having been in contact with him in years. And now, the bounty hunter was soaping up in his shower, after having fucked him to kingdom come. Ky could almost laugh with how absurd it was.
He joined the brunet in cleaning up, which involved a lot of groping on both their parts. Eventually, they were both feeling waterlogged, and Ky couldn’t shake the notion that taking more than an hour in the shower was a strain on whatever Black Tech made the water function. Turning the water off, he left Sol to drip dry for a moment as he walked over to the armoire that housed the towels.

“So, kid.” That nickname earned him a particularly distasteful look from the blond. “Tell me something.”
Ky walked back towards the Gear cautiously, clearly expecting some sort of trap. He extended a towel towards the man, which Sol took and immediately began drying his hair with.


“What’re you doing playing Barbie Dream House when there’s reports of Gear attacks?” There wasn't a point in denying that he took pleasure in ruffling Ky’s feathers. He couldn't help smirking as Ky’s expression flickered from a confused look that was typically reserved for Sol, to a beautiful mix of flabbergasted and pissed.

What did you just say?”


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